In house producer at Grundy Light Entertainment 2002-04

Adapted, translated and produced the cult Pro 7 comedy series ‘Gehts Noch!?’ (Big Train)

Producer for ‘Wenn Sie Lachen ist es Oschmann’ for SAT 1


Co owner of  ‘Pegasus Kicks Productions’ with John Hudson

Produced the pilot ‘Schwarz Rot Gold

Produced the pilot ‘Grenzländer mit Bender

Also co-produced the theatre piece ‘Dub-TV




'Die Kölnigs Schenken Nach' will move next year from the Schmidt theatre into the Tivoli! theatre for a couple of months. 


The book 'Eat!My!Face!' which I've been working on with John Hudson is being sent to the printers! Copies will be available shortly.


On June 2nd -  the play 'König von Kietz II' written together with Heiko Wohlgemüth and Martzin Lingnau will premier in Hamburg at the Schmidt Theatre.


Cavequeen is back after Covid and is being performed throughout Germany.

DUB TV perform on April 26th at the Gloria Theatre in Cologne with some of the Gürzenich orchestra ensemble.

Currently producing 'Cricket' - a radio play written by Needham, Pastouna and Wohlgemüth.



Up and coming Shows: